That was weird…

 As I sit writing this I’m staring at a box which is filled with miscellaneous junk from my room. The box itself is uninteresting and has actually become a victim of my procrastinating nature. 

Anyway, sitting at the very top of the box is my 3yr old son’s little acoustic guitar. It’s like a 1/3rd size classical or something which he got for xmas this year. It’s sitting in a stable position and has been there for about three days now without being moved. 

Now I have just put my boy to bed. He goes down fairly easy after a few stories but has an obligatory routine consisting of coming through to see me in the Dave cave three times before finally settling down for the night. 

Well, I’ve just had the creeps put right up me…

I’m sitting in my room printing of some tickets for a show and I’m sure I can hear his steps coming along the landing. It’s easy to pick out his hurried skip compared to my wife’s heavier step and besides she’s downstairs talking to a friend in our lounge. 

As I always like to do I wait and continue with what I’m doing before I’ll acknowledge his presence. So as I’m sitting looking at the details of my freshly printed tickets I hear a string on the little guitar plucking. This doesn’t bother me and doesn’t even really register except on the edge of my conscious perception….

Then I hear the guitar sound three notes and I turn round immediately expecting to see my little boy smiling at me but to my absolute shock there was no one there.

So at this point my brain is working at a thousand miles an hour trying to rationalise what’s just happened and even though I kind of know it’s not true I’ve already begun to accept that I might just be hearing things. 


In front of my eyes as if being pulled rather forcibly on a string the headstock of the little guitar jerks about 2 inches to the side. 

I’m absolutely freaking out out and the only thing that brings me back to reality is my boy popping his head round the door. I bring myself to and usher him back to bed. 

I am not usually one to give in to belief without proof and the only proof I have is what I saw with my own eyes but as far as my mind is concerned something very strange just happened in my room. 

Since my boy was a young baby we noticed that he would stare at particular spots and when he started to try and speak we would here him say hello and giggle when in his cot when he was on his own. Obviously we put this down to him just being a typical baby practising what he was picking up during his daily interactions but I’ve always had the notion at the back of my mind that the way he seemed to be conversing and engaging with what appeared to be nothing was strange.

We have had a couple of deaths in our extended and close family in Daniels short time here so far and I just wonder if someone is visiting him, or me or just having some fun. 


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